How Do You Handle a Breakup

Breaking up is hard to do and its hard on your emotions. Most likely the relationship can be salvaged if you take the proper steps.

How Should You Handle a Break Up
By Makoo Leandro

If you want to get your ex back, you are going to have take a good look at yourself and grasp some realities that are taking place around you. It does not matter which one of you left, you are the one who wants to get your ex back, so it is up to you to make some changes. Be a mature adult when you look at both of your actions and be the first one to confess your responsibility for the breakup even if the both of you were probably wrong. There is a good chance your ex will probably say the same back to you.

Do not hold back, you need to confront the situation and be honest about the issues that brought the two of you to a breakup. To really make an attempt to get back together you must not avoid the topics that the two of you need to discuss to bring a resolution to the relationship. If you were the one that caused this breakup to happen, be honest and address that situation truthfully.

If the situation was that you or your ex were seeing someone else with the purpose of playing the field so to speak to see what other choices might be available be truthful about it. Don't use the line that it was just a relative visiting and we went out to dinner. There will be anger and pain at first but they can be overcome and a relationship can continue if honesty prevails. Of course if you don't change your actions and continue on dating around then all bets are off.

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