Control Your Emotions Afte A Breakup

Breaking up can really be an emotional experiance for some. Try to control your emotions so you can think in a rational way. This will help you think clearly when putting together a strategy to get your ex back.

How Do You Handle Your Emotions After a Breakup
By Makoo Leandro

If you have recently gone through a breakup and your emotions are on edge, you need to get yourself together before you can rationally figure out how to get back together with your ex. Your emotions may over ride any possible means of thinking things through in the correct manner. You may just grab at ideas instead of thinking out a strategy that you can follow.

Having this emotional turmoil is natural but do not use it as a weapon in the pursuit of getting your ex back with you. If you talk about how sad or how much you can't stand being with out him you will only push him further away and may harm any possible chance you have.

If you continue to allow your emotions to get out of hand this could be a way that you are trying to refuse to face up to the possibility that you need to change something I order to attempt to get your ex back. Also look at yourself to see if you really are sad or is it a type of addiction you have to the feeling of sadness itself.

What this means is that if you are undergoing an intense emotional time, you body may release chemicals that can become addictive over time. This is why some people can become stuck in a cycle of emotional behavior because their body is looking for another fix of this chemical.

One way out of this is to be aware of when this is happening during an emotional time and try to reverse your thinking. When you are able to catch this feeling and control it you will be able to revert to a rational way of thinking.

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