Getting Back Your Girlfriend - What To Do

When you go through a break up with your long time partner, alot of emotions are involved. You need to give it a cool down time before you can really see clearly.

What Can I Do to Get Back My Girlfriend?
By Tim Archbold

When people go through a relationship breakup, they will go through a stage of thinking about what just happened and what could have been done to prevent it. They might think of ways to start making apologies or whatever may be necessary to get back together. If this is to be your strategy it may not work. As a guy you may not really understand the reasons behind the breakup.

Women are emotional in a way that is different than men, and your girl may also be confused about what caused the breakup to happen or why they feel the way they do. In many cases it is best to just let it go instead of worrying yourself to death over it. What you need to do is try to relax then lay out a strategy to get your ex back.

Spend some time to try to enjoy yourself to take your mind off the situation. This cooling down time will give you and your ex time to sort stuff out and become more rational. After a few weeks or couple of months you should have a much better idea of how you would like to proceed with your ex..

If you still want to get back with her, try to find out how she feels about you. Do not beg her to come back, play it cool. Its possible she has been missing you very much, so play a little hard to get when you are approaching her. You want to look like you have been doing OK on your own so it will make her start to rethink things. If you guys were really meant to get back together, this is the point it will become apparent. No need to rush things, let them play out naturally.

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