Magic of Making Up Review

Lack of communixcation after a breakup can be more powerful than chasing after your ex trying to get them back. Give them some time to think things over then go after them.

Things to Avoid to Get Your Ex Back
By Makoo Leandro

When you go through a break up in a relationship, you need to know what the things are that you do not want to do, so you don't ruin any chance of getting back together. If you truly want to make a try at getting back together with your ex, do not try any of these. The idea is to prevent any more resentment or anger between the two of you, you need to focus on the posotive things.

When you are able to start communicating again, do not bring up past arguments or problems. You need to avoid these things because the problems will begin again, leave them alone. It would be immature of you to continue to be picking on past issues, make yourself look like you have moved on and are ready to start over with your ex.

Do not look needy or beg for your ex to take you back. This can look pathetic and most likely push your ex further away. You need to look like you are doing OK on your own and show self-confidence in your self. This can make your ex think about what is going on with you and start to get curious.

Do not keep calling soon after the break up; don't keep leaving voice mail messages or texting. This also makes you look needy and can push your ex away. Give your ex and yourself some time off. Use this time to re-think the situation and if you want to get back together, lay out a decent plan to do so.

Of course there are more points to avoid after the break up. Use your common sense and be careful with what you do toward your ex if you are going to take a chance of getting back together.

If you are dealing with a break up I hope you may find some help with the book The Magic of Making Up! for more info on how to get your ex back.