When Your Girlfriend Leaves You, How Should You React

Your girlfriend has broken up with you and you are trying to decide about contacting her. You want to know why she left and try to talk her into coming back to you. It would be best to not contact her right away because she needed to get away from you for some reason so do not push the issue. Give her some space so she can sort out why she left and get her head straight.

The two of you can take this time to evaluate your relationship and if you find that you may have been at fault you need to apologies when the time is right. If you were at fault you might email after a few days just to say you realize that you caused her go away and that you are sorry for your actions and that's all. You need to be mature enough to do this if you really want to get your ex back.

Being able to communicate will be very important as time goes on. You will have to very carefully keep in touch with her without putting pressure on her. Do not bring up any subject that would open old wounds between the two of you. She needs to know that you are still interested in her without coming right out and saying it. You want to make it to where she will make the first move on you in trying to get back together, this way its all on her, she left and she came back.

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