How Do You Apologize to Get Your Ex Back?

If you find yourself causing a break up between you and your girlfriend what are you going to do? Do you want to make up and get her back or call it quits and move on. If you think that you can fix what you broke then by all means give it a try. Your girlfriend is already gone so you can't mess up with that. But what you can do is mess up even more and chase her further from you, so be careful.

Hopefully you have thought about what you may have done to cause the break up and have a handle as to what you did. Do you have it in you to apologize to your girlfriend now and hopefully make this your first step at getting her back? Can you suck it up and admit to her you were wrong and that you fully understand this fact?

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In addition to saying you are sorry you will need to have a plan of action for a follow up with your ex after apologizing. You can tell your ex that you will not do what you did again because you have had time to think it over and understand your actions. You can tell her what your plan may be to prevent it from happening again, even if it means seeking counseling to help.

If you have already talked with a counselor, then this would be the perfect case scenario to show your ex that you are serious about making a change. This would be in your favor because she would see how serious you really are about yourself.